Roof Condition Certification Form

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Roof Condition Certification Form APPLICANT/INSURED NAME: James APPLICATION/POLICY #: ADDRESS INSPECTED: 12155 Metro Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL, 33914 DATE OF INSPECTION: 06/28/2011 This form is provided to assist you in complying with certain citizens eligibility rules. The following "qualified inspectors" may complete the form:

Roof Condition Certifications are insurance surveys done at the request of your insurance company. Citizens Insurance or other insurers may require a Roof Condition Certification Form, CIT RCF-1 1108, in cases where no building permit can be verified for a roof or for roofs 25 years and older.

The Roof Condition Certification Form is being required by Citizen’s Insurance. They do not accept a 4-Point inspection in lieu of this form (although their bulletin states that other forms deemed acceptable may be used). The form requires a contractor to sign off (like a GC would automatically be able to tell the age and condition of a roof).

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Residential Roof Inspection Form 2002o residential roof inspection form wmidwest Roofing Contractors Association w800/497-6722 Page 2 Code Condition G = Good, No Action F = Fair, Monitor Periodically P = Poor, Immediate Action G F P Location Action Taken interior roof deck A1 Corrosion A2 Spalling (chipping or crumbling) A3.

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