Short Sale Credit Effects

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How to Revive Your Credit Score after a Short Sale.. a short sale on a home has almost the same effect as a foreclosure.. When it comes to short sales and credit scores, there is good news.

Affect of Short Sale on credit. Asked by Kp, 48197 Fri Jan 15, 2010. I am thinking of going in to a short sale for my current home. My job hours have been cut. I also own rental propery that is earning enough to pay the rental mortage.

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If you need to get out from under your mortgage, a short sale might be. Minimizing the impact to your credit score (compared to foreclosure).

When considering a short sale, one of the big questions you need answered is how much damage it will do to your credit score and for how.

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A short sale will ding your credit, and in some circumstances, that ding may be nearly as severe as it would have been if you’d foreclosed on the home (both foreclosures and short sales are treated like a default on a loan).

The credit implications for a short sale are very different for those voluntarily selling their property and those forced into foreclosure. If the property owner voluntarily selling the property.

FICO says that the hit on your credit score will be the same for both deeds in lieu and short sales, but that’s not to say the effect is the same for every borrower. The better your credit score was before you suffered hard times, the more of an impact a short sale or deed in lieu will have because you have further to fall.